About Us


PWHT TECH, a trusted name in the realm of Post Weld Heat Treatment solutions. Established in 2012, we have rapidly emerged as a leading manufacturer and service provider in the industry. Our expertise lies in offering a comprehensive range of products, including Post Weld Heat Treatment equipment, Stress Relieving systems, and Internal and External Oil Firing equipment.

At PWHT TECH, we take pride in the superior performance, high efficiency, and low maintenance of our products. Backed by a team of skilled engineers, we ensure that each item meets stringent quality standards and delivers precision, durability and reliability.

Our extensive capabilities enable us to cater to a wide spectrum of heat treatment processes, regardless of temperature and application requirements. Whether it's post-weld heat treatment or stress relieving, our solutions are tailored to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

In addition to our manufacturing prowess, we also offer Electric Furnace Services at affordable prices, further enhancing our value proposition to clients.

With a commitment to ethical business practices and a customer-centric approach, PWHT Tech has garnered accolades from our esteemed clientele. Explore our website to discover how we can elevate your heat treatment processes to new heights of efficiency and performance.

PWHT TECH, where quality meets affordability. With cutting-edge facilities and a dedicated team of professionals, we are committed to delivering products of international standard quality at the most competitive rates.

Our infrastructure comprises various sub-functional departments, including manufacturing, engineering, quality management, research & development, and sales & marketing, spread across a vast geographical area. This robust setup, coupled with our adept specialists, skilled engineers and efficient workforce, empowers us to cater to the diverse needs of various sectors with unmatched solutions.

At PWHT TECH, quality is paramount. Every product undergoes rigorous quality checks before reaching our customers, ensuring reliability and performance excellence.

We take pride in our competitive prices, extensive distribution network, and punctual delivery schedules, which have positioned us as a leader in the market.

Under the visionary guidance of our Managing Director, Mr. Surya Raja, we have achieved remarkable success and established a strong foothold in the industry.

With a focus on expanding our clientele and leveraging effective management and marketing strategies, we are poised for continued growth and success.

Experience the difference with PWHT Tech – where quality, affordability and customer satisfaction converge seamlessly.