100 KVA Heat Treatment Equipment (PWHT Machine)

100 KVA Heat Treatment Equipment (PWHT Machine)

Product Code : PWHT-7004

100 kVA Heat Treatment Equipment

The traditional Low-Voltage Electrical Resistance method of Heat Treating using Ceramic Pad Heaters and Ceramic blankets controlled by step down transformers to provide a quick and convenient approach to many jobs, particularly preheat and PWHT. Most electrical resistance heat treating is performed either with the PWHT Tech 6-way control console.
PWHT TECH 100 kVA Heat Treatment Modules include our unique ‘Advantage has been constructed to provide power to electrical resistance heaters. Suitable for onsite and shop working. The output from the unit is split into twelve individual heating circuits for temperature control. Each output circuit has 8.3 kW of power, which is sufficient capacity for three standard ceramic pads rated at 2.7 kW and connected in parallel. There are 3 operational methods of heat control; fully-integrated individual programmers, an external programmer for all channels, and individual proportional energy regulators. Sufficient for 3 ceramic heater pads per channel, this mobile unit is suitable for both site and fabrication shop use.
PWHT Tech Electrical Resistance Heat Treatment Machine advantages:
• Control and document welding preheat to reduce thermal stress.
• Improve the microstructure and durability of the heat-affected zone.
• Temper the metal and reduces tensile stresses, minimizing the risk of brittle fracture, stress and corrosion cracking and metal fatigue.
• Ensure the structural integrity of the vessel or unit during treatment.
• Get frozen lines flowing again quickly, and keeps them flowing until your plant’s steam tracing system is working again.
• Improve the integrity of welded components and minimize the risk of fabrication-related cracking.
• Decontaminate huge storage tanks that once held toxic agents.

Primary Input Supply Voltage: Three phase, 380V (152A), 415V (139A) or 440V (131A)
Frequency 50/60Hz: Secondary Output Voltage 65V a.c.
Transformer: coil 100kVA Natural air cooled, class H.
Maximum total number of 2.7kW ceramic heating elements Thirty-six
Maximum 2.7 kW heaters per channel and per phase

Three per channel: Twelve per phase.
Protection Over-temperature sensor in each winding and 3 phase MCCB with shunt trip.
Thermocouple Input and output Type K (NiCr/NiAl)
Secondary 65V output connectors Twenty four 300A panel-mounted twist lock sockets.
Auxiliary Outputs Two 110V auxiliary sockets.
Case Mild steel, blue powder coated. (stainless steel case
available on request) Dimensions: 1100L x 1120 W x 940H mm
Weight: 720kg

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