25mm² HOFR Double Insulated, Heater Distribution Copper Cables

25mm² HOFR Double Insulated, Heater Distribution Copper Cables

Product Code : PWHT-7018

25mm² HOFR Double Insulated, Heater Distribution Copper  Cables

The 25mm² cable supplies electrical energy to heaters. Used in Splitter Cables, each roll has 100m length of cable.
Higher Current Rating and Emergency Overload rating
Superior short circuit rating
Low Dielectric loss
Much better insulation resistence
Resistant to chemical & corrosive gases etc.,
Better resistance to surge currents
Much Longer life of the cables Insulated Material:
PVC Insulated Cable:
High Dielectric strength & resistance to D.C. voltage effects.
High mechanical strength & resistance to abrasion, vibration & ageing.
Resistance to most acids, alkalies, to temporary contact with solvents, oils and liquid fluids.
Used for connectivity from Triple cable set to Splitter cable to distribute power.

Dimensions of Roll: 90 H x 400 W x 400 D mm
Length of Cable: 100m
Weight: 21kg
Materials: Copper cable
Wire Diameter: 25mm2
Insulation: double insulated with rubber jackets Colour: Outer Jacket is Red, Inner Jacket is White

Physical Parameters:
Size (Cross Sectional Area): 25 Sq.mm
Minimum No. of Strand in Conductor:
Aluminium-6 / COpper-6
Nominal Insulation Thickness: 1mm
Nominal Outer Sheath Thickness:1.80mm
Approx. Overall Dia of Cable: 10mm

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