Flexible Ceramic Pad Heater CP10 (60v, 2.7kW)

Flexible Ceramic Pad Heater CP10 (60v, 2.7kW)

Product Code : PWHT-7013

Flexible Ceramic Pad Heater CP8 (60v, 2.7kW)

The ceramic pad is the workhorse of on-site heat treatment. In view of their flexibility, they may be applied flat or to curved surfaces. They are ideal for the preheat and PWHT of Plates /pipework welds and fabrication.
As the design is modular they are suitable for a wide range of sizes and shapes.

The ceramic pad is manufactured from high alumina ceramic beads with a nickel-chromium flexible core wire serpentined within the beads. Nickel tails are weld to the core wire.
The pads are flexible and suitable for heat treatment temperatures up to 1050°C. Temperatures above this value can be achieved by variation of the composition of the core wire.
Standard pads are supplied for a range of voltages up to 240V.

Standard 30V, 60V and 80V heaters should deliver a current of 45amps. Minimise secondary cable lengths Standard 48V heaters should deliver a current of 52 amps. Check the current delivered.
Fit heater pad securely to component by banding or other suitable means and lock connectors fully home. Avoid contaminants (grease, paint, oil etc) on the metal surface.

Core Wire: 80:20 Nickle Chrome
Voltage: 60V
Current: 45A
Power :2.7kW
Dimensions of Body: 255 H x 205 W x 17 D mm
Length of Tail Bead and Brass Connector: 550mm Weight: 1.8kg

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