60A Connector Plug Insulated Sleeve (Male Camlock)

60A Connector Plug Insulated Sleeve (Male Camlock)

Product Code : PWHT-7038

60A Connector Plug Insulated Sleeve (Male Camlock)

Ceramic fiber sleeves are made from Alumina-silica ceramic fibers that are reinforced with an organic carrier fiber for added strength and stability, making them an excellent choice for Industrial applications.
The nature of the engineering yarns and weave types provide excellent strength, resulting in a physically resilient material well suited to high temperature industrial applications.
Burning of the 20% organic carrier contained by the sleeve happens at 400°C leading to smoke and out gassing. Additionally a fiber glass continuous filament is contained in the yarn for improved hand ability during installation and lower temperature.
60A Connector Insulated Sleeves sold as spares to be used with the 60A Connector Brass Body and Pin.

Dimensions: 61 H x 17 W x 17 D mm
Weight: 10g
Colour: White / Red

Standard Sleeves

Material: Insulated Paper
Density: 0.45g/cm3
Water Absorption: 0.30%
Compressive Strength: 36.5 MPa
Working Temperature: -20°C to +110°C

Higher Temperature Sleeves
Material: Epoxy
Density: 1.90g/cm3
Water Absorption: 0.10%
Compressive Strength 104.6 MPa
Working Temperature: -20°C to +140°C

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